Westchester County Closing Costs

This closing cost guide is designed to give you the general costs associated with the purchase or sale of a cooperative, condominium or townhouse property. Please note that these are estimates and that potential buyers and sellers should consult their real estate attorney or financial advisor for specifics. Please take note we do not represent that these are the entirety of potential costs, but are only to be used as a guide.

It’s good to anticipate the costs related to a real estate closing well in advance to the actual meeting. Please keep in mind that that this list includes many typical closing costs, but not necessarily those that may apply to your closing. When your mortgage is approved, ask the lender and your attorney for full disclosure of all closing costs. On the day you close on your new home, you have the right to inspect the property and to review any improvements or corrections that were agreed to by the seller.

Bank/Broker Fees Range Average
Underwriting $650-$995 $700
Appraisal (based on loan size and property type) $400-$750 $450
Bank Attorney $850-$1100 $950
Tax Service $75 $75
Flood Certification $25 $25
Credit Report $35 $35
Application $0-$500 $0
Title Fees Range Average
Owner’s Title Insurance: See Chart Below
Lender’s Title Insurance: See Chart Below
Endorsements $75-$100 $75
 Municipal Searches $300-$375 $350
 Patriot Searches $25-$75 $50
 Survey(a. or b.)
  a. New $700-1200
  b. Inspection (if existing survey) $100-150 $125
 Overnight Courier $50 $50
 NY – RPT Filing $125 $125
Escrow Service $50-$75 $50
Taxes and Recording Fees Range Average
Deed Recording $150-$200 $175
Mortgage Recording $200-$250 $225
Service Fees $125 $125
Mortgage Tax: 1.04% of the mortgage amount (1.54% in Yonkers)
Mansion Tax: 1% ONLY for purchase prices over $1M
Pre-Paid Items and Escrows Range Average
Pre-paid Interest (from closing date to end of month) 1-30 days
Real Estate Taxes: 9 months (combination of escrow and reimbursement to the seller)
Pre-paid Insurance (1 year paid up at closing) $750-$2400 $1200
Insurance Escrow: 1 month $100
PMI Escrow (if applicable): 1 month

*Costs are based on home sales price less than $

Based on Purchase Price
200K $1,028
300K $1,399
400K $1,770
500K $2,141
600K $2,479
700K $2,817
800K $3,155
900K $3,493
1M $4,507
1.1M $4,873
1.25M $5,422
Based on Loan Amount
100K $196
200K $305
300K $414
400K $523
500K $633
600K $732
700K $831
800K $930
900K $1,030
1M $1,129

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