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Welcome to The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr.

We are a general practice law firm able to meet all of your legal needs. Please email or call us to speak with an attorney about any legal questions or issues you may have. The initial consultation is free.

At the Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr., we provide our clients with a wide range of real estate related legal services involving the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, foreclosure defense, loan modifications, short sales, deeds in lieu as well as business and commercial law, debt settlement, bankruptcy and trust and estate work.

Our speciality involves defending and assisting homeowners in foreclosure or those homeowners who are late on their mortgages payments in White Plains, Westchester County, and New York. We are experts in foreclosure defense, loan modifications, deeds in lieu, short sales, negotiating settlements on second mortgages and other debt and assisting with bankruptcy.

Peter Spino, Jr.,Esq., over the past seven years, has assisted hundreds of homeowners in New York in trying to save their homes. He has more hands on experience with loan modifications than almost any other attorney in the country. If you are trying to save your home you have come to the right place. If you are not interested in keeping your home we can advise you on your alternatives and make sure that your legal rights are protected in whatever you do.

If you are looking for an attorney that cares about their clients then the Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr., is the attorney for you. We will sit down with you and go over your legal issues and explain your options in a comprehensive manner.

Practice Areas

For all real estate related legal issues we can help. We also specialize in debt settlement assistance and negotiation, bankruptcy, business and commercial transactions and wills, trusts & estate planning throughout White Plains and Westchester County.





What People Say

Peter was excellent helping to guide through the process of a first time home buyer in westchester. He made himself available to talk through contracts, title questions, and gave us plenty of attention and guidance during closing. High level of service across the board.

Brennan, White Plains, NY

My family had gone through some rough times over the last couple of years and we decided that we could no longer afford to keep our home. We wanted to do a short sale and needed a good attorney. Two brokers recommended Peter so we gave him a call. Peter walked us through the whole process and explained what had to be done to protect ourselves from the bank coming back at us for more money. He was able to get the short sale approved and we did not owe the bank any additional money and the bank gave us $6,000 in relocation expenses.

Adam and Marcella from Mount Kisco, NY

While I was not in foreclosure I had been trying to get a loan modification from my bank for over two years and kept getting denied. I met with Peter Spino, Jr., Esq., and within 20 minutes he told me what my problem was and he was able to fix my paper work so that when we submitted our next loan modification application I got approved with a 2% interest rate. Peter’s law office save my home.

Neil from White Plains, NY

We were over a year behind on our mortgage and scared that we were going to lose our home. We had just received a summons and complaint and had no idea of what to do. We contacted Peter Spino, Jr., Esq., who after our first meeting provided us with an understanding of our situation and a means to save our home. He represented us in our foreclosure case and assisted us with a loan modification. After 3 months we received a loan modification from our bank and the foreclosure was stopped. Peter was a great attorney to work with and we would highly recommend him.

Steven and Maria from Westchester

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We represent each client with integrity and trust and years of experience with the New York legal system.

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