On July 10, 2017, Peter Spino, Jr., Esq., was honored by the following:

  • Pro Bono Local Action Committee for the Ninth Judicial District
  • For Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to Access for those in Need

On October 26, 2017, Peter Spino, Jr., Esq., was honored by the following:

  • New York State Unified Court System Office for Justice Initiatives
  • New York County Lawyers Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • For Outstanding Contributions to Pro Bono and Access to Justice

Peter was honored for the work he did in a program set up in Westchester County Supreme Court that provided free legal services to homeowners in Westchester County that were in foreclosure.

Attorneys, organizations recognized for pro bono work

"Law Office of Peter Spino, Esq. Peter Spino heard about the opportunity to assist Regeneron with pro se litigants in a foreclosure settlement conference and was the first private practitioner to volunteer for the Westchester County Pro Bono Foreclosure program. Spino serves as the program's resident expert who draws from his expertise in foreclosure defense, loan modifications, short sales and debt settlement to address more complex consultations. He attends regularly, assists in the preparation of responsive pleadings and has shared research and motion template"