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Legal Services For Buying and Operating Your Business

Legal Services For All Your Business Needs

Any business, no matter what the size, will require legal services from an experienced attorney at some point in its life cycle. At the Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr., Esq. our extensive experience with New York business and commercial law can help you:


Most people have thought of starting their own business but few follow through and even fewer succeed. When starting a business you must do your due diligence and create a business plan. Our office has hands-on experience with business development. We can provide assistance with creating a corporation, partnership or a sole proprietorship to make sure you are legally protected when you open your doors.

The Law Office Peter Spino, Jr., Esq. can help you form the following business structures:

  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp
  • LLC
  • Limited Partnership

We can also help you obtain Federal and State Tax identification (Employer Identification Number/EIN), as well as draft agreements such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and option agreements. Our full-service commitment to our clients will help ensure your start-up process is successful.


Are you looking to purchase a business? We understand what people go through when they are purchasing a business from personal experience. Before you to decide to go ahead you should speak with an attorney so as to avoid many of the common mistakes.

We can sit down with you and evaluate the business, your needs, goals and options when purchasing a business. We can provide legal representation and guide you through the process with the necessary contracts, agreements and licenses


When running or operating a business compliance issues can be a concern and business disputes can arise. Our office provides legal guidance and draft business agreements to help you avoid these problems and be prepared for them. We can negotiate and draft any of the following agreements:

  • Non-Compete
  • Commercial Lease
  • Licensing
  • Employment
  • Vendor contracts
  • Franchise agreements
  • Equipment leases buy/sell

Should the time come for you to sell your business, to transfer assets and/or management to heirs or to dissolve the entity, we are capable and ready to guide you through each step while protecting your interests.

If you’re starting a business, purchasing a business, or operating a business and an attorney in White Plains or Westchester County contact us today for a free consultation.

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We represent each client with integrity and trust and years of experience with the New York legal system.

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