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Debt Settlement Negotiation

Debt Settlement Assistance & Negotiation

Are creditors continually harassing you and you are not eligible for bankruptcy or do not wish to file bankruptcy? If you’re afraid they may garnish your wages or freeze your bank accounts then we can help.


The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr. Esq. can stop those annoying phone calls and negotiate with your creditors to find a suitable settlement. You might just need some time to come up with the payment or need to have payments spread out over a period of time. We will negotiate with your creditors or their attorneys. Many times we can negotiate and settle your account for much less than you actually owe.

Our office also negotiates settlements on second mortgages and has been extremely successful in doing so. The banks will usually accept anything from 10 cents on the dollar up to 25 cent on the dollar. This is a great way to get rid of a second mortgage and in many instances will allow a homeowner to have some equity in their property.

If you’re looking for a debt settlement attorney in White Plains or Westchester County contact us today for a free consultation.

Free Debt Settlement Consultation

We represent each client with integrity and trust and years of experience with the New York legal system.

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