During these challenging times we can not and will not stop working. The buying and selling of homes will continue. While we are seeing some buyers not following through with signing contracts in the last couple of days, there are still many people who must buy and sell their homes. Our office has put in place numerous practices that will allow us to operate even under these difficult circumstances.

  1. Contracts will still go out the same day (via email);
  2. Skype with clients who do not want to meet in person (we are trying to limit meeting with clients but will if necessary) to go over contracts;
  3. Before entering the office clients must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands in the hall bathroom. Only the client and 1 person over the age of 18 may be allowed in the office. Please inform my office before making an appointment if you or someone on your household has traveled outside the country in the last two weeks and if you take public transportation.
  4. Docusign available for all Contracts;
  5. We are offering to draft our clients a Power of Attorney AT NO COST to help facilitate closing;
  6. All our title companies are still operating and timeframes have not changed yet;
  7. We are still conducting closings in our office and our office is sterilized on a daily basis.


Some potential additional challenges:

  1. Banks may start reducing their employees so mortgage commitments may take a little longer;
  2. Some building departments are shutting down to the public which may cause some delays with title work or realtors getting their foil requests;
  3. We have seen that some attorney’s offices have already closed along with some managing agents office’s.


Please everyone stay safe and take appropriate precautions and we will all get through this and come out stronger.