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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Yonkers, NY

Welcome to The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr.

We are a general practice law firm able to meet all of your legal needs. Please email or call us to speak with an attorney about any legal questions or issues you may have. The initial consultation is free.

Busy streets, waterfront living, and historical neighborhoods are some of the best features of Yonkers; however, what lies under the surface makes this a unique place to live. Often called the “sixth borough” of New York, the city of Yonkers lies just two miles to the north of The Bronx and Manhattan.

Due to the amazing features offered by this city, it’s understandable that people want to move to the area. However, whether you are a transplant to the area or a long-term resident when it comes to buying and selling real estate, having the help of real estate attorneys in Yonkers should be non-negotiable.

At The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr., we take pride in offering our clients experienced representation for all their real estate transaction needs. Ready to learn more about what we offer to Yonkers’s residents? If so, keep reading.

Free Attorney Consultation For Yonkers, NY

For a free consultation with a Yonkers attorney who has over 15 years of experience, call or email me today. I’m conveniently located nearh teh Westchester mall and just a short drive from Yonkers.

Residential Sales Attorney

The real estate market is challenging. A top priority is saving money for most people, especially when trying to sell a house or purchase a home. It’s necessary for you to cover the cost of an inspection, but there are also other ordinances and rules you must abide by. In some cases, you must pay for the title search and other searches and fees.

Contacting our legal team early in the process will help you avoid common and uncommon legal issues in the future. Also, our representation will help prevent disputes while protecting the investment you make.

A real estate attorney is a legal professional who is experienced in dealing with all types of real estate and property. They can handle all types of legal issues, including preparing documents, reviewing them, and filing them for any real estate transaction. This includes contracts for deeds, title paperwork, purchase agreements, cases of defects related to the property purchase, mortgage documents, and transfer documents

Commercial Real Estate

Unlike real estate agents who will attempt to negotiate the cost of the property for you, a real estate attorney works to protect your interests. This means inspecting all closing documents, conducting title searches, securing title insurance, and making sure funds transfers are legally sound and valid.

While some commercial real estate transactions are simple and standardized, you should never assume that issues won’t occur. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Several legal issues may arise, and having a Yonkers real estate attorney to answer any questions you have is invaluable.

Having a Yonkers real estate attorney representing your interests is invaluable. They can provide information and insight on various topics that real estate agents simply don’t know about. This will ensure you make smart moves and that the real estate transaction you are involved in doesn’t cause issues down the road.

Foreclosure Defense

Facing foreclosure can be a scary and overwhelming process. We offer foreclosure defense services in and around the Yonkers area. Some of the times we can help you build a defense for this include if the servicer made an error with your account, if it is not possible for the foreclosing party to show that it actually owns the loan, or if the servicer didn’t follow the procedures properly during the process.

We understand that each situation is unique. There are also complicated nuances to every case that we not only understand, but that will help overcome to stop the foreclosure process, so you have the chance to keep your home or property. We will represent you through the entire foreclosure process.

Practice Areas

For all real estate related legal issues we can help. We also specialize in debt settlement assistance and negotiation, bankruptcy, business and commercial transactions and wills, trusts & estate planning throughout White Plains and Westchester County.

Our Commitment

With more than 20 years of experience, The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr. offers a range of services in real estate law and real estate finance that many of his peers cannot provide. He has owned and operated a residential and commercial mortgage business and worked with a real estate investment company.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Peter Spino, Jr. were extremely helpful and knowledgeable when we had questions about our real estate purchase. They helped to take the guesswork out of the entire situation.

Andrew Varner

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