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Homebuying Expertise and Concierge Service

Homebuyers - Guiding & Protecting Your Transaction

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have experience with the real estate market, a seasoned real estate attorney can ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. First time homebuyers can often be overwhelmed by the process. Our office walks you through the steps and is on call to meet your needs.

For homeowners with more market experience, our office provides concierge service. We will:

  • Review and negotiate the purchase contract
  • Order and review title to make sure you receive a clean title
  • Contact your bank to ensure the financing is being arranged properly
  • Attend the closing, review the closing documents and ensure a seamless transfer of the property from one party to the other

First time homebuyers should also know that grants are available for up to $25,000 to assist you in the purchase of your first home. Having an attorney offering information on such details can save you money and time while purchasing your home.

For a residential sales attorney in White Plains or Westchester County contact us today for a free consultation.

Free Home Buying Consultation

We represent each client with integrity and trust and years of experience with the New York legal system.

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